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The new reporting regulations of the European Union have been in effect since July 1, 2020. But which structures are affected and to what extent do the new regulations also apply to consultants in Switzerland and Liechtenstein? We explain everything about DAC6 in this article.

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Recognize value added tax risks

Do you know the risks of value added tax (VAT)? Although many entrepreneurs deal with the topic of VAT, risks are often not perceived or perceived late. When it comes to VAT, even small details can turn into a big problem and accordingly cause a big burden for your business. Read here how you can minimize these risks with VAT.

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Cross-border restructuring

The legal field around restructurings and conversion of companies is complex, especially because due to the aspect that corporate and tax law have to be harmonized for a successful restructuring. In the following article, you will learn what needs to be taken into account, especially in cross-border restructurings, and how we can support you in this process. The present article deals with restructurings between Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Information on other countries will be provided on an individual basis.

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